Service Design Day

Happy Service Design Day!

June 1st is Service Design Day. Every year Service Design communities from around the world celebrate the existence of the profession, a celebration we happily engage ourselves for!

The Global Service Design Network has chosen "giving back to the community" as this year's theme. So that's what we'll do, giving back to you! To your career, your company, your life.

Free idea giveaway - what's your challenge?

Idea giveaway

We organise a free idea giveaway!

Do you, your company, local charity, partner or - what the heck - your dog have a challenge or problem needed to be solved? We've got you covered!

For every struggle, question, problem or challenge you send to us, we'll give you at least one idea in return. We will substantiate the proposed ideas with methodologies and tools that could be useful for idea generation in the future as well. So, what are you still waiting for?!

Send us your challenge via the following link: Free idea giveaway - what's your challenge?

No inspiration? Here are some examples:

  • How might we create more interaction with the neighbours?
  • How do I create a great pitch?
  • How might we bring more innovation into our company?
  • How might we make people feel safe in the park?
  • How might we give our customers a more personal service?

We'll carefully collect your challenges and personally get back to you after a fruitful service design day brainstorm.

Curious in how we can help you!

The Peel team

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