We help you improve and innovate your services in a rapidly changing world, driven by your users.

Peel helps organisations improve and innovate their services by identifying true opportunities and designing solutions that matter to your users.

Our Story

“Is this actually going to be used?”

This is what was going through the mind of one of our founders when he was working on yet another sophisticated IT functionality. As a young consultant, he was properly following instructions but struggling to see the added value of some functionalities. He sometimes even felt that people jumped to solutions too quickly, without first assessing if the right problem was being solved…

As early Design thinking enthusiasts and entrepreneurial minds, it didn’t take long for our founders to co-found a Service design agency. Identifying true opportunities and improving your services means taking a step back and daring to interact with the most essential part of your business: your customers. “It’s like peeling a banana, going to the core of a company’s innovation potential”… And there you go, Peel was born.

Today we keep on striving towards building efficient and desirable services since we want to contribute our share to make our world a more innovative and meaningful place.

Our Approach

Peel’s mission is to make sure your plans to improve and innovate your services are sustainable and pay off. We do this by balancing the needs of people, the possibilities afforded by technology and the requirements for business success throughout our service design track. Inspired by design thinking, we approach your challenge in 4 steps:

  • Discover: develop a deep insight in your target audience and what drives them, the capabilities of your own organisation and what drives you, and in the broader environment in which you provide your services.
  • Define: break down complex questions in smaller chunks, set priorities and criteria for success.
  • Design: generate ideas, prototype solutions and test them with stakeholders to focus on what really delivers value.
  • Decide: provide roadmaps, financial estimates, business plan cases and design briefs so your organisation can plan on the way forward.

The journey can be bumpy, but our customers are always amazed about the speed and the outcomes. And they generally have fun at it too!

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