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Innovation happens when people meet. Meet the team!

At Peel, you work with a team and a network of experts that combine different backgrounds and perspectives in design, business, human factors and technology. Our mission is to peel down to the true opportunity and work together to design services that really matter, driven by your user.

The values we all share:

- Curiosity: it is more important to ask the right questions than to know everything.
- Boldness: assumptions and preconceptions are there to be challenged.
- Kindness: our approach is customer-centered. So are we.

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Wim Putzeys

Wim loves to make sense of complex questions, develop a vision and align people around it at all levels of an organization. He is fascinated by the innovative opportunities digital technologies afford, but his advice is always grounded in the actual needs of people and organizations, and informed by a broad cross-industry experience and rapid access to a large network of domain experts.

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Jenthe van Gastel

Say hello to miss Adaptability! With her academic background in Innovation management, Sociology and Economic Sciences, Jenthe manages to tackle problems & research from multiple perspectives. Together with her empathic and curious mind set, she will guide your design process in an interactive and fun way. 

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Dirk Bollen

I try to see things differently and bring problems back to their essence. By combining psychology and technological knowledge I challenge current technology and problems from different angles in order to create disruptive services.

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Hilde Van Dyck

Now here is your creative chameleon. Hilde has the unique skill of switching between micro & macro thinking and somehow she always seems to capture the essence. She’ll connect dots you didn’t even know could be connected and her relentless enthusiasm will light up the room!

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Kristof Vaes

With expertise in design practice and design research, Kristof will flavor your challenge with more than just bananas. A stand-up comedian disguised as a doctor in product design!

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Stien Gijsbrechts

Stien is an experienced Change Manager and has worked on change projects involving technologies such as ERP, CRM, Social Collaboration tools and others. She thrives on helping organisations align their change projects to the objectives of the company.

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