Innovation happens when people meet. Meet the team!

At Peel, you work with a team and a network of experts that combine different backgrounds and perspectives in design, business, human factors and technology. Our mission is to peel down to the true opportunity and work together to design services that really matter, driven by your user.

The values we all share:

- Curiosity: it is more important to ask the right questions than to know everything.
- Boldness: assumptions and preconceptions are there to be challenged.
- Kindness: our approach is customer-centered. So are we.

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Wim Putzeys

Wim loves to make sense of complex questions, develop a vision and align people around it at all levels of an organization. He is fascinated by the innovative opportunities digital technologies afford, but his advice is always grounded in the actual needs of people and organizations, and informed by a broad cross-industry experience and rapid access to a large network of domain experts.

Peel Zoe Profile

Zoë Duflou

Zoë strongly believes in the mantra “doing the right things and doing things right”. She can guide you from huh? to aha! with her Service Design facilitation skills, to tada!! with her Process Design background. With some sharpies, a lot of post-its, some creative techniques and a cappuccino or two she will help you with every challenge you provide her.

Peel Tim Profile

Tim Tavernier

Tim lives by the saying "context is everything". Every challenge exists in its own context and he believes understanding said context leads to making better solutions to them. He combines his interdisciplinary mentality from his History background with new innovative insights and methods from his Innovation Management studies to aid you understand the challenge (starting with a talk about selling Milkshakes) and craft the optimal solution for it. Finally he also loves setting up the necessary open collaboration and planning for this process and implementing the solution.

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