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Inspiration on Innovation methodologies at BD

July 2019

BD (Becton Dickinson) is a medical technological company with more than 65.000 employees worldwide. Chances are high that you've (unconsciously) came into contact with one of their products or solutions with your General Practitioner, in the hospital, pharmacy or in a laboratory. It all started with a syringe in 1897, and now their portfolio ranges within discovery, diagnosis and delivery of care with blood collection or injection devices, Insulin pen needles, cell analysis, diagnostic systems, etc… as examples.

As part of a Benelux innovation program, 50 high potentials were selected to research potential innovations with the goal of improving their operational excellence. People with different backgrounds (engineering, finance, HR, commercial…) formed diverse groups which motivates a holistic view on ideas. By the end of January each team has to pitch a solution accompanied with a business case and gain engagement to invest.

Inspiration day

We were invited to inspire the teams on innovation methodologies. How do you go from a high level idea to an elaborated solution? Where to start when you start from scratch? How can you test idea’s without spending too much budget? How can you best develop a solution taking into account a constantly changing world?

Together with our colleagues at Raccoons, we introduced three main methodologies:

  • Design Thinking to empathise with the customer problem and ideate first ideas
  • Lean Startup to experiment, learn, and iterate until a Minimum Viable Product is defined
  • Agile Development to develop the solution in a flexible, change-embracing manner

While introducing these methodologies we presented examples and tools to get the teams started. E.g. the way the Kinepolis chatbot came to life is a great example of going through these methodologies, and we showed everyone a demo of the result.


We received positive feedback after this inspiration day, and although there are always certain challenges, we believe our workshop has a positive impact on the innovation strategy of BD and we're glad we could inspire and help the teams to progress in their innovation journey.

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