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Three Golden SDD-Rules

November 2015

Service Design Doing instead of Service Design Thinking!

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a 2 day workshop organised by two service design studio’s Peel and Muzus. During this workshop I learned various service design techniques and gained insights on how to apply them within an organisation. One of my personal takeaways is that a good idea never comes alone. In this blog you will read about 3 factors that have an important influence on the creativity of people and that help to generate great ideas.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You can generate ideas on you own, that is true. But you will enrich those ideas so much more by co-working, talking to possible end-users and observing what is going on around you. During this workshop I worked together in a great team, an A-team! We were a crazy mix of people with different professions and passions. And it is exactly those different characteristics that allowed us to think differently and create new insights in the project.

User-centered Is the Way to Go

In the end, people will use your product or service. That’s why it is important to involve users from the very start of your design process until the final prototype and even after that. User-centered is the way to go! During the workshop we went out on the street and asked possible end-users about their needs and desires. The more we asked: Why, why, why? The more their values became clear.

Let's Get Visual

Do I need to say more? By just writing your thoughts down on a post-it, you open up your mind and create space for new thoughts. That’s why throughout the SDD workshop the walls were filling up more and more with post-its. Drawings started to appear and even though we were not all great artists, the drawings helped us to visualise and communicate our thoughts.

As a famous Belgian cook would say: "What did I learn today?"

  1. Teamwork makes the dream work
  2. Listen and involve the user
  3. Visualise as much as possible, to explain your thoughts

By Anneleen Vanhoudt

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