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A "Leuven 2030" Challenge for EhB Students

January 2019

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels (EhB) offers highly qualified education programs and carries out applied and artistic research, which are embedded in the Brussels multicultural context. They contacted Peel with an interesting question; “Can you help our first year students develop a business case with the assistance of the Lean canvas?”. Of course we can!

Together with Cronos Leuven and Leuven 2030 we developed a challenging but fun assignment. Leuven 2030 is committed to lower the emissions of the city and increase quality of life. Their objective is to be climate-neutral before 2030, which means no emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane or nitrous oxide in the area of Leuven. The students of EhB got the chance to work on this ambitious project.

After communicating the assignment to the students, they immediately started drafting their first solutions. In total there were 15 groups of 6 to 7 students each. They all worked out 3 concept drafts and presented them to us. The technical expertise of Cronos Leuven combined with our business knowledge helped them in choosing the best idea to further develop.

At the end they presented a fully developed business plan. Some of them even used a 3D printer to make little product prototypes. Because of the high quality of the business plans we decided to continue activities and develop the solutions further in the following year.

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