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A Design Thinking Masterclass for KdG Students

design thinking, Training | October 2018

KdG (Karel de Grote) University College is the largest university college in Antwerp. More than 12.000 students, based in 9 campuses around Antwerp, focused on 6 fields of study: healthcare, commercial sciences and studies, industrial sciences and technology, education, visual arts and social work.

As part of the minor course ‘Creative technologies and entrepreneurship’ and the ‘International Entrepreneurship’ program, Design Thinking was selected as one of the most important topics.

We were invited to provide a masterclass on Design Thinking. Following Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ we explained the students why Design Thinking could be of value, what Design Thinking actually is and how you could use and do Design Thinking.

We took the students on a journey from understanding Design Thinking theoretically to actual Design Doing. A high energy workshop following the double diamond process gave the students the opportunity to experience the power of Design Thinking. Starting from a problem statement, we provided all the necessary information and materials to do user research, structure the research, ideate towards solutions, build a low-fi prototype and create a pitch to show and tell their innovative ideas to their fellow students and jury.

We received positive feedback after this masterclass, from both the students and the faculty. As a result, we are asked to provide this Masterclass again next year. Looking forward already!

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