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A Challenge Workshop for Noblito

innovation, design workshop, Service Design | October 2017

Noblito - literally meaning “don’t forget me” - is a non-profit organisation founded recently to fight loneliness among the elderly. Using an online platform and mobile application, Noblito wants to (re)activate the social circle of the older.

Daring to be challenged for a more sustainable concept

Before jumping to the building phase of the platform, the founder of Noblito decided to organise a challenge workshop with us. In a challenge workshop we invite several stakeholders that have a connection to the subject (in this case: loneliness among the elderly) and collaboratively challenge the existing concept. The goal is always to use the knowledge and experience of the different stakeholders at the table, and critically evaluate a concept so that it has the greatest chance of succes.

In only 4 hours, we developed some interesting new insights. We could confirm most assumptions but also countered some. New opportunities were exposed which would e.g. make funding easier. After the workshop, the founder of Noblito was clearly inspired by the new ideas. We made him a report and gave some extra recommendations to look into. He gave us nothing but positive feedback and can now develop his organisation with a broader mindset and more certainty.

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