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Re-designing Planning Solutions at Van Moer

innovation, design workshop, Service Design | June 2017

Van Moer Logistics offers tailor-made logistic services to their customers. This does not only include transport & distribution, it also involves specialized services like cleaning, storage, repacking, transport planning etc. The concept of taking care of the whole logistic process is visibly succeeding for Van Moer, with continued expansions as a result. Since their container planning system wasn’t designed to cope with multiple sites yet, Van Moer wanted to explore new planning solutions.

Stakeholder participation: check!  

Because container planning at Van Moer involves numerous types of people, we invited 20 different stakeholders to gain full perspective on the case. We organised an intensive morning workshop where we first challenged the status quo in 4 groups. After that we pulled everyone out of their day-to-day principles by analysing the external context, like political restrictions and the potential of future technology. With the made analysis in mind, the groups started to brainstorm about possible solutions. Finally, all ideas were categorised and prioritised, resulting in a clear vision on the possibilities for a new container planning system.

A new standard is born

It was the first time for Van Moer to organize a service design workshop. Management was very happy with the participation and results of it. From now on they will always try to organise such workshops as a starting point of a new project since it gives a realistic view on possible solutions.

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