Arvr Exploration Day 1

MEDIALAAN Re-invents Events

March 2017

MEDIALAAN organises more than 600 events each year, ranging from music parties to TV show launches. New technological developments offer the potential to increase the attractiveness and impact of events, and MEDIALAAN wanted to explore the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality.

The possibilities of augmented and virtual reality

Together with three digital designers from Artcore Society and AR/VR experts from Continuous, Peel took six MEDIALAAN marketeers on an intensive one-day design jam. Working in three teams, the objective of the participants was to come up with three concepts and pitches to present to an executive team the following day. After a brief hands-on immersion in AR and VR applications, the teams took that raw inspiration and progressed from ideation and concept selection to visual prototyping and final pitches, with intermediate team presentations to provide focus and feedback.

Design thinking: a fresh perspective

MEDIALAAN is very happy and not just with the results: “the design thinking approach has given the team a fresh perspective, which shows in the event concepts they come up with”.

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